Why Do I Keep My Message Simple For Indie Creatives And Musicians

    My name is Durell Peart. I am an artist manager, and music business consultant. I have made my focus in the music industry to help indie creatives and musicians who are at the ground level or at the beginning stages of their careers because for me it’s truly about impact, purpose, and making a difference. As a consultant who is genuinely trying to help creatives and spending a lot of time on social media, I definitely understand at times why it can get overwhelming on who to trust to help you achieve the goal and help figure out the answer to the biggest elephant in the room and that is how the new creatives wanting to enter the market with releasing original music build a community of supporters and within that community build a core audience.

    I wanted to share my core message and my philosophy from this video I made in 2020  for indie creatives for those of you who are just now discovering me. Creating the building blocks for a core audience is where it starts and ends because once a foundation has been built, it then becomes much easier to add other elements in to scale the strategies to building with those who you can foster genuine relationships with. You must be able to answer the question of who you are and why should people care? Helping creatives establish their own unique framework of success is exciting especially when the principles I share have been applied and they see results.

    Once indie creatives and musicians are able to lay down the foundation and understand how to turn interested fans into supporters that’s where the framework for success really begins for them.

    Until Next Time,

    Durell Peart

    “Making A Difference In The Indie Creative Community”

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