The Awakening

Special performance tonight of “THE Awakening” Play by @Lorenzo Boone..Get Your tickets NOW!!

“The Awakening” is an awesome play!! Written and produced by Lorenzo Boone. “The Awakening” details the choices our young men face daily..between the streets and thier souls… and the importance of strong support systems.. The Awaken is a must see..Share a great time parents and grandparents with your younger folks while gaining some overstanding and…

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GCM NEWS. – #TheBOB is coming!!

#TheBOB is coming!! 1st Interview Tuesday 3.12.24 of Pittsburgh Veteran Artist and Entrepreneur Skorgepluckahaterphuckafaker Hoodlum Turn as we talk about his Business -Industry pitfalls, hacks, come-ups, and more Business Over Bullsh** Hosted by K.Bey Watch Live on Grind City Tv Network Roku Add us now! 23 Share Facebook 10 Share Twitter 18 Share LinkedIn 0…

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