Behind the Mic: A Look into the Life of a Radio Host

Behind the Mic: A Look into the Life of a Radio Host


Get Ready to Read about Atlanta’s Hottest Radio Personalities . First stop is with the lovely Janae Black of Power 104.9 WSTV the #1 Radio Station in Clay County & 1st. Black Owned may I add with the Spice that Nae Boogie brings to the Morning Show She has the Men Host in the room going Crazy.

With energy to get you though the morning !!! Catch the power of radio Monday – Thursday 8am-10am. Without a doubt, I must say you have to tune in. Go download app and take her with you for updates in your morning traffic and more on “Homeroom Morning Show” Download simple radio app and search power 104.9 WSTV Now.

Q. Where did you grow up ?

A.  I grew up on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio.

Q. Can you tell us your most memorable moment as a child ?

A. My most memorable moment as a child was probably my high school graduation. Everyone was counting me out because I was a fighter growing up. So I loved proving them wrong and it was just fulfilling.

Q. Was Life as a teenager hard or easy ?

A. Life as a teenager was like most. Full of changes within a single family household and normal friendship ups and downs. I was always a hustler so I spent most of my time in school or working since the age of 14.

Q. What was your goal at 17 ?

A. My goal at 17 was to become a forensic pathologist.

Q. Getting into your music / career what is one word that describes it ?

A.  “Fulfilling”

Janae Black

Q. Why are you in the Radio Market and why do you feel your relevant there?

A.  I think I can consider myself an entertainer. I have a deep love for music and the arts. I think I am relevant because I am always in the “know” and can converse about all things without being biased. My friends and family always want me to DJ the party or control the music in the car etc. So I think this industry is just fitting.

Q.How has it been maintaining your Career balance when it comes to your family and friends ?

A. I have always been busy busy. My family expects me to be that way. So it just feels normal I guess.

Q. What do you believe is the down fall of some Artist today ?

A. Not evolving yet staying true to themselves if that makes sense.

Q. Is there a Practice or Prayer you do when your about to start your Day ?

A. No, lol.

Q. Give us 3 words that come to mind when you hear The Big Bang ?

A. Science, Cartoon, colors

Q. Who are your favorite characters In your childhood Movies?

A. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker “Friday” Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill “Sister Act 2” Jada Pickett, Larenz Tate and Tyrin Turner in Menace to Society.

Q. Can you share one of your most Hurtful moments in life that changed you ?

 A. In 2006 My cousin committed suicide in my home while I was there. He shot himself in the head. Being 19 and experiencing something so traumatic has forever changed my life.

Q. If you had to pick, would you do a collaboration with someone on your platform who would it be and why ? 

A. Radio personality wise I would love to work with Big Tigger, Steve Harvey and Rickey Smiley. They are vets in the game and I am sure I could learn a lot. As for my Acting career I would love to work with Taraji P.

Q. Name your Influences that you believe paved the way for You ? Tell us why this has placed your mindset on a different narrative !

A. Taraji P influenced me so much. I see a lot of her in myself. She was a single mom who chased her dream. Moved away from her family and hometown and made her dreams come true. Then once they did she started creating a way to open doors for others. That’s really what it should be about once you make it.

Radio Host at WSTV morning show

Q. Do you have any Joys in life you wish to share that gives us some view into your character as a man/ woman ? 

A. My joy is acting. Preferably theater plays. It is something about when those lights come on and that curtain lifts that gives me a different type of energy. I also enjoy spending time with my kids and creating memories. They are truly spoiled and have everything like myself so we truly enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. 

Q.  Who would you say understands your passion the best ? 

A. My cousin and the Father of my children. Why do you ask ? Will that is for another time wait for the next article coming soon.

Q. Can you tell us the name of 6 singles or EP’s you liked growing up ?

A.  Jay-Z “Song Cry”, Brandy and Monica ‘The Boy is Mine” Lil Wayne “The Block is Hot”, No Limit “no limit soldiers and Down for my Ninjas” Bone Thugs and Harmony “Crossroads and First of the month”, 2 Pac “All Eyez on Me”

Q. What is your Motto for Life ? 

A. “Find a way or make a way” “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”

Q. Who do you feel your Shout out’s should go too ?

A.  Shout out to my support system AKA the boogie crew, My crew holds me down like no other.

Q. IG: @iamjanaeblack / Twitter: naeboogie 

Stay tuned as we explore the Life and Career of Nea Boogie from her high’s to her low’s. Plus what it takes to be the only woman on the morning show as the Co-host with her crew for the FM Morning Show.

We will get the updates for you we will more to come from this wonderful Queen. Also let me not press you this young lady is also on Tubi on your smart T.V’s. O yes an actress as while like I said stay tuned to more of Nae Boogie for the story you don’t want to miss.