Billboard Artist Bougie Troubl3

Gevonda Hill aka Bougie Troubl3 has come a long way from being that Naptown City girl from Indianapolis,In. Ready for new Adventures she moved her family to Atlanta,Ga. That Proved to be a great Move leading her back into music that she enjoyed doing with her brothers Yung Breed and Lil. Trill . But in 2017 tragedy struck and she lost her Youngest Brother changing her life forever.

Not giving to much information on the Murder of her Brother DeAngleo Hill Aka.. Bam was a major part of her life. So music has been a great way the artist says to be near him.

Bougie Troubl3 chilling at Onyx Night Club Atl.

Coming out the Past .“This young-lady has now grab many achievements ranging from Atl Hottest Female Rap Artist 2021, Billboard Artist 2021, Trapped in the Nap Awards and more.

With Songs #smack and #party time on the raise. This Demon Doll has more then just modern day Rap. Mz. Troubl3 is giving you Real Hip Hop and Recognizing them that have paved the way for her to be on the Mic today.

For sure an Artist to look out for. Want to find out more just follow her on all platforms at Bougie Troubl3 !! We can say it’s much of an vibe when partying with this socialite and why do we say this well Her music aspirations are as follows: Lil.Kim, Trina, Doja Cat let’s not forget the Man of Her Dream’s Young Dolph who was murdered last year, one of America’s most Iconic figures in the World more importantly to the Melanin skin community. “ my journey has been wrong. I was so young being a mother, has made it where I’ve had to grow up grow up very quickly.”

Editor: Can you give the world one thing you would do if you where leader of the world ? Bougie Troubl3: “Of course!! I would first fire all that hold a sit on decision making for outlet states . Then put fresh new conductors in their seats. Would you not say most or older then 70 and have eaten of us for years . Change comes when we put our foot down as a unit. We hired them we can fire them. I feel the people have forgotten that.” Editor: That was powerful I have to do a piece on that !! Interview of Gold listen to party-time down below on YouTube link make sure to

Tribute to Boogie Down Productions


1.(Host) When you think back to your first award how did you feel ? (Artist) I was overwhelmed because I had no clue so many were looking at me! I truly was happy to be honored 
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All That’s left to say is go follow this Gem. Stay tuned for new Single dropping in March 2023 and Tour Updates. Love and peace !