Grindaz Magazine Staff Writers

Anna Rifka

Staff Writer

Writing under the pen name Anna Rifka, the author is a Pittsburgh region resident who teaches college English and writing online for an international university. She also directs a small charitable non-profit that focuses on supporting local Pittsburgh area music and musicians. Her writing accomplishments are varied, including projects from poetry to song lyric, from articles to public relations documents, and from marketing materials to grant requests.

Nicho Charisse

Staff Writer

For Nicho Charisse, writing was not an essential part of her life. It was a way to keep her insanity while having to sit in meetings. There she would create stories and use the people within the room as characters. Her first published piece “What’s Next?” was inspired by a rip in a friend’s chair that she repaired. It was written months prior to being introduced to an anthology called Reflections on Purpose under Expected End Entertainment Publishing. Thanks to the encouragement of C. Nathaniel Brown, she went on to write; “Dear D” under Dear Depression, “The Little Things of Human Nature” under In the Morning; and “The Ugly Cries” and “You Will Hit Rock Bottom” under I Thought You Should Know. In addition, she has “Butta and Skin” and “The Attic” in the anthology Mr. and Mrs. Toxic 3: The D’Angelo Theory under the pen name Demetria Amir Ellis. They are published under Emotional Fiction Publishing created by Nikki Flowers. Recently, she wrote “Crown Identity” in the anthology Recrowning God’s Daughters created by Tenita Johnson. Nicho is part of a panel on YouTube and a podcast called Voice 4 the Voiceless: Sexual Abuse Survivors. Her goal is to be a voice for those who are afraid to tell their story but want to be heard. She is also in the process of writing a book and hopes to have other victims of abuse included. She hopes to be able to help others through their healing process and possibly create a support group. Nicho is working on a novella and other projects under Bolden Alter Ego (BAE) in hopes to one day have them discovered by the likes of Tyler Perry, Shondra Rhimes, Jordan Peele and Isa Rae. Nicho does not limited herself to one genre for she feels you limit yourself and have self- doubt. You can follow Nicho Charisse on IG @ Demetria_Amir_Ellis

Kara Miller

Staff Writer

For Kara “Kay” Miller, writing has always been my passion, I write to encourage and empower not only women but men as well, I developed a love for writing when I was in Junior high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As I grew older and enter high school I continued my writing by joining my school news paper, writing became an essential part of my life, The first article i wrote for the paper was about my high school Milwaukee Trade & Technical high school, it was about percentage my high school was 90% Caucasian and 10 % African American, my article caught the attention of Milwaukee journal sentinel news paper shedding light on our high school for testing to get into this highly accredited high school, I find Peace in writing and bringing Empowerment, Encouragement & Awareness, I am a freelance writer for B.A.D.D Girl Magazine for my Sorority Theta Phi Sigma, & the Pink Eagle newsletter. Writing is my gift and passion I’m grateful to be able to write for Grindaz Magazine