He Was Called Home

    I’m Just Trying to Go Home

    I’m just trying to go home. Is that too much to ask? I didn’t break any laws along this path. I’ve skated across barriers designed to hold me back. 

    I’m just trying to go home, where the love is loud, and the smiles are warm, like the sunsets that come from me in the codas of my storms.

    I’m just trying to go home.  I hear the sirens, I see the flashing lights. The directions are clear: black skin go left, blue skin go right.

    I’m just trying to go home. Don’t I deserve to feel safe? Batons, badges, boots, bright lights against my face.

    I’m just trying to go home. Does anyone hear the pain in my cry, the struggle in my breath?

    God replied, ‘Come home my son, now you can rest.’

    LaToya Yizar – Tyre’s Godsister

    Today, the first day of Black History, the Nichols family laid Tyre to rest.

    From our family to yours, we send heartfelt condolences.

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