Emalahleni Rising Star: Kraizie Blends Music and Tradition**

**Emalahleni Rising Star: Kraizie Blends Music and Tradition**In the bustling streets of Zonkizizwe, Johannesburg, a new star has emerged in the entertainment scene. Sizwe Andrew Thabethe, better known by his stage name Kraizie, has been a sensation since his early days. Born in the vibrant community of E malahleni, Kraizie’s journey began at the age of eight when he first stepped into the spotlight, engaging in Dramatic Arts and choir activities during his primary education. His passion for the arts was further nurtured in high school under the guidance of the late Akhumzi Jezile’s Peer Education group.Kraizie’s career took a dramatic turn in 2015 when he signed with the renowned Ambitiouz Entertainment. His distinctive fusion of musical talent and traditional healing practices has distinguished him in a crowded industry. Kraizie has successfully harmonized the seemingly contrasting domains of spiritual healing and modern entertainment, infusing his music with a profound sense of purpose.The artist’s versatility is not confined to music alone. Kraizie has made memorable cameo appearances on television, featuring in popular shows such as “uGugu no Andile,” “YoTv,” and “The Queen.” His debut single ‘Pebep’ received critical acclaim and achieved notable success on MTV Base, amassing over 27,000 views on YouTube.The year 2017 was a milestone for Kraizie as he secured the Best Ekurhuleni Trap Banger award and unveiled ‘Phumuza Maphiko,’ a single that highlighted his knack for creating catchy hooks and verses. The song’s appeal transcends demographics, thanks to its simplicity and modern flair. His collaboration on the track ‘shishiliza’ by DJ Citi Lyts and Sjava further showcased his talents.Kraizie’s artistic exploration continued with the release of ‘Thilili,’ featuring Emfezi Emnyama, a track that delves into the depths of his search for love. Following a brief pause, he made a comeback in 2021 with ‘Umbuso,’ reaffirming his status in the trap music genre and inspiring listeners to stay true to themselves.Apart from his artistic pursuits, Kraizie is also a revered traditional healer and entrepreneur. Through his business, he provides herbal remedies to those in search of fortune, employment, and protection against adversities. As the CEO of Endumbeni Entertainment, he plays a significant role in his community.Kraizie’s recent collaboration with producer Cymponic from Empangeni, KZN, resulted in the hit track ‘Asambeni,’ which features an impressive array of artists including Flash Ikumkani, Assessa, Kid Kapa, and Anzo. The song’s energetic hook and verses have resonated with fans, leading to an increase in streams and popularity.As he continues to intertwine his dual legacy of music and healing, Kraizie’s influence on the cultural and entertainment landscape is profound and far-reaching.

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