The Rise of Kingscastle Entertainment: Leading The Field in Comedy, Radio & Artistic Integrity in 2024

In the heart of the entertainment industry, a force of creativity and innovation emerged five years ago, shaped by the visionary minds of Alonzo and Aniesha Brock. Kingscastle Entertainment (KCE) stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and creating opportunities for fellow comedians and creatives.

At the helm of KCE is Mr. Alonzo Brock (better known by his stage name Zoe Boe 69), a luminary with a multifaceted career spanning comedy, acting, screenwriting, and film production. His leadership has transformed KCE into a beacon of creativity, fostering an environment where imagination thrives and talent flourishes.

The achievements of KCE are not just confined to vision boards; they resonate on screens across platforms like Tubi and Tivid TV, showcasing indie hit movies and fan classics like “Debit Card Life Matters” and “Church Sessions.” With two more movies in pre-production and two awaiting their grand debut, KCE’s commitment to quality entertainment remains unwavering.

However, KCE’s ambitions stretch far beyond the silver screen. They are gearing up for an expansive entertainment tour that promises a captivating fusion of comedy and musical acts, spanning genres like hip-hop and R&B. From the vibrant streets of Toledo, OH, to the cultural hubs of Columbus, OH, Fayetteville, NC, Valdosta, GA, Bessemer, AL, and Albany, GA, KCE is set to captivate audiences nationwide and beyond.

In the realm of broadcasting, KCE shines with its acclaimed radio podcast, “Speak That Shyt Radio Podcast.” Hosted by the incredible Zoe Boe 69 himself, for five years, this captivating show has graced the airwaves of BFAM 109.6, amassing a dedicated following that recently crossed the milestone of 125,000 listeners per show. Broadcasting during prime time from 8 PM to 9 PM, “Speak That Shyt” resonates globally, captivating audiences in 79 countries.

One of KCE’s core principles is inclusivity and providing opportunities. They invite potential sponsors to join them on this exciting journey, offering comprehensive media partnership packages. Sponsors can seize the chance to advertise during the show, with options ranging from verbal reads to full 30-second advertisement slots. KCE eagerly anticipates responses from potential sponsors, inviting them to be part of an unparalleled venture in entertainment excellence.

For those seeking more about Kingscastle Entertainment and its upcoming events, a treasure trove of entertainment awaits at Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and opportunities abound. Join KCE and be part of a journey that reshapes the landscape of entertainment.

For Media, press and publicity inquiries concerning Kingscastle Ent. and Zoe Boe 69 please contact Jonathan Coleman for The Media Blast PR via email at

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