His journey in the music industry began in the school choir.

Choir to Hip-Hop: The Multifaceted Journey of Garth Permall**In the vibrant music scene of Cape Town, Garth Permall, also known as Hef The Chef, has emerged as a versatile talent, donning multiple hats as a chef, producer, composer, CEO, radio personality, songwriter, recording artist, and podcaster. His journey in the music industry began in the school choir, which laid the foundation for his musical background. The 1980s saw him delve into breakdancing, a path tread by his brothers, which became his means of survival amidst the hip-hop culture of the Cape Flats ghetto in Mitchell’s Plain.Permall’s artistic progression led him to rap, a natural transition that opened doors to show business and production. He showcased his choreography skills with the Unlimited Dance Company, one of Cape Town’s premier freestyle dance groups. Their dynamic performances captivated audiences across the Western Cape, culminating in a live performance at The Argus 1996 Niknaks Mega Rave broadcasted by Good Hope FM.The year 1997 marked a significant milestone as Permall graced the M-Net All African Film Awards and performed for the Harlem Globetrotters at the Waterfront, adding to his accolades by winning 17 competitions. His collaborative efforts span a wide array of artists and DJs, including Maurice Paige, General from Chiskop, E-Jay, Rheebongs, and South Africa’s top DJ, Ready-D, among others.Permall’s passion for theater shone through in 1994 when he played a rapping high school student from the ghetto in a stage play by Larrey Marks. He continued to explore acting, appearing as an extra in the drama “Tears in the Shadow of a Mountain,” which aired on SABC 3. His television appearances have been diverse, featuring on shows like Jam Alley, Tekkies, and Grab, and he was a runner-up in the Shell Road to Fame’s Group category.Known for his role as a resident MC at The Black Saturday hip-hop event, Permall’s multifaceted career reflects his deep-rooted love for music and performance, making him a prominent figure in South Africa’s entertainment landscape.

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