J Molley posted a cryptic message on his Twitter.

In a surprising turn of events, the South African hip hop scene witnessed a reconciliation between two of its prominent artists. **J Molley**, a young and rising star in the hip hop community, is known for his dynamic upcoming tracks and collaborations with notable figures such as Zoocci Coke Dope, DJ Speedsta, and Gigi Lamayne. Recently, Molley took to Twitter to announce the end of his feud with fellow rapper Big Hash. The announcement was reciprocated by Big Hash, assuring fans that all was well between the two.However, the atmosphere of peace was short-lived as J Molley posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account, stating, “It’s already done guys. The process of death has started. There’s no turning back. I’m sorry 💔.” This alarming tweet has raised concerns among his followers, who regard him as a beacon of inspiration and a future leader in the South African music industry. Fans and supporters are eagerly awaiting further clarification on the matter, hoping for the well-being of their beloved artist.

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