Daily Living with Severe Pain- Depression

    Hello lovelies,

    Hope you all are blessed and strong. Today we are going to talk about Clinical depression. Which comes with chronic pain. Dealing with any kind of depression is hard but accompanied with pain is just the worst.

    (Possible causes include a combination of biological, psychological, and social sources of distress. Increasingly, research suggests these factors may cause changes in brain function, including altered activity of certain neural circuits in the brain.)

    When I have back to back bad days I have more of a higher chance of being depressed. With those days come with crying episodes and hopelessness. Times I feel like I will never be back to my old self nor enjoy life like it should be enjoyed. But I’m very thankful for the small support group I have to at least get me through those hard times. I won’t have much to talk about today due to my pain, but I at least want to share a little today.

    Till then stay positive and live strong.Thank you for reading

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