50 Years of Hip-Hop: Prince Markie Dee

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Mark Anthony Morales was a member of the rap group Disco 3, who later became the Fat Boys. The group came together in the early 80s and released their last album in 1991. Prince Markie Dee released his first solo album called Free in 1992. In addition, he cofounded the Soul Conventions production company, which produced songs for Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Craig Mack, and Marc Anthony. He also served as the vice president of Uncle Louie Music Group.

Prince Markie Dee would have been 55 on February 19. He passed away February 18, 2021, from congested heart failure.

I used to listen to Prince Markie Dee when he was on SiriusXM (CH43). He took over the time slot that belonged to Biz Markie for he had fallen ill. When I heard the announcement of his death, my heart broke a little. The Fat Boys were ridiculously funny in the movie The Disorderlies. My favorite song was Can You Feel It?

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