GCM is a proud media partner of the L.O.U.D. Radio & Press Junket

Popular independent record label and management company, L.O.U.D. MUZIK, is set to present its 2nd media press junket on June 2nd-4th, 2023 at an undisclosed location (disclosed only to attendees) in Houston, Tx. Launched in November 2021, the L.O.U.D. Radio & Press Junket connects emerging and independent music creatives with regional and major national media outlets, radio stations, music publishers, music supervisors, record labels, streaming platforms, and gatekeepers across the entertainment industry to network and present their pitches. Generally, only reserved for music insiders and artists who are already signed or have major representation, this Houston, Tx based event guarantees artists who sign up a chance to be heard, get immediate feedback on the spot, and network with industry leaders and influencers in one room over a 3 day period.

The BrickLayers will be in the building representing Grind City Tv South!

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