Hailing from Atlanta Ga., by way of Baltimore Md., TF_Bully a.k.a Anwar is taking the music  scene by storm!

Hailing from Atlanta Ga., by way of Baltimore Md., TF_Bully a.k.a Anwar is taking the music  scene by storm! TF_Bully (Think First- Before Useless Luxuries Love Yourself), was born and raised in the gritty streets of East Baltimore as one of three boys to a single mother.When TF_Bully was 3 years old, his grandmother taught him how to recite poetry.  He would show off his skills at family events and nursing home facilities.  By the time TF_Bully was 8 years old, he was exposed to a wide range of music – from jazz, rock, blues, reggae and hip hop.  At the age of 11, he was introduced to 2 Pac by car rides to school with his mother. He first noticed the strong passion and delivery of 2 Pac’s voice and then became fond of his lyrics. By 15, he began to enter hiphop cyphers and rap battle contests which helped to sharpen his word play and wittiness. Between ages 16-17, TF_Bully started exploring the street life – getting into trouble and hanging out in different neighborhoods that exposed him to the wrong lifestyle.  By 17, he started to suffer tremendous losses  from many friends getting killed.  One in particular -an early childhood friend, sparked him to write a song about what he was experiencing.  He combined his talents from writing poetry and added selecting a beat…. A star by the name of  TF_Bully was ultimately born!  TF_Bully has opened for Artists such as: Juelz Santana, Beanie Sigel and State Property, Future and Gucci Mane.  He also had the privilege of being mentored by some of the top management in the music industry.  Recently, TF_Bully made one of the biggest career decisions yet. He moved to Atlanta, Ga., to gain the perspective of his music career and way forward.TF_Bully has quickly built one of the STRONGEST brand presence in the music industry. He has set out to have his brand change the sound and content of music. TF_Bully stresses that his music will reflect a positive message and lifestyle as this supports the movement–THINK FIRST!

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