Thespian known to the world as N’veigh, the journey.

●For those who don’t know where things started getting off for you and what you about, could you briefly share with us your origin story of items of how it started out of you to become who yu ar 2day??- I’m a Thespian (all round entertainer). My journey started when I was doing my 1st year at varsity. I had always loved music/acting before, but took it serious in 2006

. ●what were your Thoughts on our music industry culture before you Became part of it, And What ar your current thoughts for it ???Industry is different now. It has its Pros and cons, not to imply that back then it didn’t, but nowadays it’s easier to put out music. Fan engagement is also immediate as opposed to back then. However, I do feel it was more fun back then. Fans knew their position and. The art was preserved better back then.

● how do you Remain your self in this Culture that easily changes people This all starts with discipline. Then a detailed plan on what you want to achieve. Provided you have both, then it’s easier to understand the game and how you should be when you inside it

● what make you so passionate about doing musicIt’s a calling for me. The love I have for literature is the catalyst for my passion. I believe music is a spiritual thing.

●what kind Difference you think your music is making?I think this question is best answered by the fans and not me. ● if wasn’t for acting Where do you Think you Will be now or doing? I have a passion for marketing so I think i might be in some agency helping them with strategies and marketing.

●what is nveigh with all of thiss? I’m just a talent, but in the greater scheme of things… I’m just one of GOD’S servants on earth.

●how do you keep your self motivated ?- seeing the impact I have on the people that listen to me. That in itself, brings motivation

● this coming years,what people can Expect from you A lot of music and alot of production on television.

● what you can say to young people who also want to be the part of this Entertainment Understand what you want. Do thorough research on how to better yourself in this industry. Build a tough skin. Read your contracts and please be aware that your success is not a given but it’s earned through had work

●. What influenced your career in acting ?I have a deep passion for acting. Since a young age. I had participated in school plays (both primary and high school). I think being able to portray a character outside of yourself has always been of interest to me.

●. What inspiration do you draw from to create your songs?Alot of things. People, society issues, personal experience, other people’s experiences. Literally, I draw inspiration from everywhere.

●How are you different from other artists?Another question that should be posed to the fans. They would answer that better. ●What are your ultimate goals Building an empire from the knowledge and resources gained in this industry. Also, I’d like to win Pulitzer. Lo

● Do you have any future upcoming projects to mention/ or what are you working on now? I have things lined up, I’m not at liberty to divulge much. But they are both in music and acting. ●.

● What’s the inspiration for your name? My name means to verbally attack someone. I got it in high school when we’d battle or cypher during break time. I been quite lethal with the pen since back then. ●. When did you begin taking your artistry/production/engineering seriously; as a career? Around 2007. As much as it’s my passion, I knew I can monitize from it. ●If any, what artist(s)/producer(s) are your inspiration?) Multiple people influence me differently. So it’s not down to specific people.

●Do you write your lyrics or freestyle, play instruments etc? If so, what’s your creation process like? I write and freestyle. Learning how to play guitar right now. So whenever I piece a song together, it would start with the beat and then the rest follows.

●What are your goals; in terms of how you’d like to be remembered in the Culture? Remember me as one of the greatest to ever touch a pen.

● Why does music Matter to you ?As I said. It’s spiritual, so its healing for me. Therapeutic.

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