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Hello hello my lovelies

I hope everyone is doing well and striving for the best. I have a small update my doctor and I decided to go back to the drawing board and she’s found a way to get my insurance to approve my procedure. So I’m scheduled to see a different neurologist. So that’s a good thing.

So today I want to share a few tips for healthy living. I know before I got pregnant I was at 230 and when I got pregnant I found out I had gestational diabetes. So to avoid taking insulin I had to change my diet and life style.

So by the time I had my baby I was 150. My “ideal” weight is 145. But yeah my gens won’t let that happen. All I really did was drastically change my diet. No soda, no bread, no type of starches. I drunk alot of water (even though I hate water) and stop all pork and msg.

I also ate fish and steak. Sorry but I love my red meat.But here are a few tips you could probably use.

[ ] Eating a healthy diet

[ ] Physical activity or exercise

[ ] Manage Stress For Your Physical & Mental Health

[ ] Get a good night’s sleep every night

[ ] Practice Good Hygiene

So till next time my lovelies live strong .

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